Cleveland Happenings – What else is going on around town?

Certainly we are not the first ones to come upon the Tiny House Movement or have ideas of building our own houses. Around Cleveland there have already been people trying to make it happen and many of them are well on there way. Some noteworthy projects are below. If we missed anybody, let us know; we are all on different paths, but ultimately have the same goal!


The Greater Cleveland Tiny House Enthusiasts

This Meetup Group formed last year to connect other to what is happening around Cleveland. A great resource for local projects and meeting other people interested. Meetup description:
Want to further educate yourself on tiny houses? Thinking about making one of these yourself? Do you want to reduce waste and positively impact the environment? Want to learn how to implement sustainable living practices into your every day routine? Looking to simplify your life? Well this is the place for you to be. Join fellow Tiny House Enthusiasts in the Greater Cleveland Area, to share ideas, resources, and more… Discuss building plans, share creative ideas, and learn about sustainable living. Get hands on experience by helping others build their (tiny) dream home or auxiliary dwelling unit.

Greater Cleveland Tiny House Enthusiasts

Cleveland, OH
152 Tiny House Enthusiasts

Want to further educate yourself on tiny houses? Thinking about making one of these yourself? Do you want to reduce waste and positively impact the environment? Want to learn …

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The Tiny Things in Life, Non-Profit Orgnaization

The Tiny Things in Life was founded in November, 2014 with a mission to reduce waste, optimize space, and leave the world a better place. Their focus is on improving the health of individuals and communities by bringing sustainable, affordable living to the forefront of home design and urban planning.

Cleveland Tiny Homes Project

The Cleveland Tiny Homes project seeks to attract 8 to 12 tiny homes on trailers to foster a community of tiny homes on the City’s near west side.  The project is in the pre-development stage and is supported by a partnership between Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins (Ward 14), Greater Cleveland Tiny House Enthusiasts with technical assistance being provided by the Stockyard, Clark Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office.  The project recognizes the desire of tiny home owners interest in building homes that are mobile – built on trailers.  The project is being developed to accommodate tiny homes in the range of 220 to 350 square feet with shared landscaping, privacy areas and other common space.  If you have or are planning to build a tiny home and want to learn more about the Cleveland Tiny Homes project and potential sites being considered, please contact us at, 216-664-4238.

Dayton Dwell – A Celebration of Home

This weekend in Dayton, OH there is a tiny house jamboree. The event will be filled with models, DIY solutions, talks and opportunities for people involved in the movement to meet. From what it seems like, it will be a great resource or introduction to tiny houses for anyone attending. More information below with the link, and if you end up attending stop by the Cleveland display booth and learn about what is happening up in Northeast Ohio! Representatives from our area will be there.


Why Detroit Shoreway?

Citizens Bank and Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization are long-time community partners, working together to develop affordable housing and support small businesses in the Cleveland neighborhood. Citizens Bank’s Growing Communities Initiative fostered DSCDO’s award-winning Best Business Plan Competition, which helped launch and support over a dozen small businesses and create jobs in the area. DSCDO previously won the Citizens Bank Housing Hero Award for its outstanding work in developing affordable housing.

DSCDO has been a leader in promoting environmentally focused neighborhoods since the creation of the Cleveland EcoVillage in 1998. The EcoVillage demonstrates the benefits of ecological redevelopment in an urban neighborhood, showcasing best green practices including ecological design, green building, and transit oriented development, bringing national attention to Cleveland.

The Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood has seen an influx in residential new construction in recent years, yet the cost of construction prevents many residents from attaining the dream of owning a new home. DSCDO works to create homeownership opportunities for residents of all incomes. DSCDO is also researching innovative ways to re-use vacant land in the EcoVillage. The national Tiny House movement has inspired DSCDO to explore an alternative housing typology that combines smart design, energy efficiency, and affordable homeownership.

DSCDO has a solid history of turning vacant and abandoned structures into neighborhood assets. Since 2008, DSCDO has engaged its partners to redevelop over 178 vacant, foreclosed properties resulting in over $8 million in rehabilitated housing. Developers are vetted on both their finances and construction skills in order to insure a quality end work product. With assistance and oversight by DSCDO, the developer constructs or rehabilitates the home and sells it at market rate. What once was a blight on the street can become a shining beacon that integrates with the existing housing stock.